If you want to have some fun close by to “Mendlak” in mud and jungle like in Vietnam, Red Hill park is the right place for you. Our 4-hours long program makes even the biggest athlete tired. Teambuilding, classmates or friends nothing is a problem for us. At Red Hill we play using sharp (colouring) munition so u can make sure about every successful hit. The minimum is 10 players.


Tarif Basic
Safety mask, gloves, markers, 300 pc of paintballs, possibility to purchase more anytime for 1 CZK / pc.
490 CZK


Tarif All inclusive
Safety mask, gloves, marker, overall, tactical vest, knee protectors, 800 pc paintballs, chance to purchase extra paintballs for 1 CZK / pc.
1100 CZK

Extra Equipment:
Overall 100 CZK
Tactical Vest 80 CZK
Knee Protectors 80 CZK
Neck Protectors 60 CZK


It is necessary to make the reservation at least 24 hours ahead.

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