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5 minuty pěšky z Mendlova náměstí - Rybářská 3

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New adrenaline action game which blows your mind – for the first time in Brno at our Paintball Hall. Archery game is a fun game combining Archery and Paintball. Goal of this game is to hit a player playing against you or to hit a target (according to scenario). Archery game is very safe game suitable even for younger players beginning the age of 6 years old. Teenagers and adults will also for sure find what they are looking for. This game combining a strategy, movement and action will bring you a lot of exciting moments. Thanks to a fitting type of bows the shooting is intuitive and done with ease for both right handed and left handed person.

The game is played with special bows and arrows with adherent or soft tips. Each player is equipped with safety mask and gloves. Minimum of 6 players.


350 CZK / person 1 hour.

Extra equipment:
Overall 100 CZK
Tactical Vest 60 CZK
Knee Protectors 60 CZK
Neck Protectors 40 CZK

It is necessary to make the reservation at least 24 hours ahead.

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