Are you looking for an awesome fun full of adrenalin for your friends, classmates or work team? Are you tired of being dragged through mud and bushes? In that case you are at the right place! At our Paintball Hall we play with rubber munition without colouring. The playground is full of obstacles and covers. Come and play Counter Strike in real life! There is no lack of adrenaline experience. To all tariffs there is included safety mask, gloves and marker. After that it is up you what extras you buy. Minimum of 6 players.



Tarif Basic
safety mask, gloves, marker, 200 paintballs with a possibility to purchase more for 0,5 CZK/pc
280 CZK, extra hour 200 CZK


Tarif No limit
safety mask, gloves, marker, unlimited paintballs
450 CZK, extra hour 350 CZK


Tarif All inclusive
Safety mask, gloves, marker, overall, tactical vest, knee protectors, unlimited paintballs.
900 CZK for 2 hours!


Above 10 people discount 50 CZK for the first hour.
Extra equipment:
Overall 80 CZK
Tactical Vest 60 CZK
Knee Protectors 60 CZK
Neck Protectors 40 CZK

It is necessary to make the reservation at least 24 hours ahead.

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