! nové hřiště otevřeno !

5 minuty pěšky z Mendlova náměstí - Rybářská 3

pohodlné parkování přímo v areálu zdarma po celou dobu

několik nových hřišť dohromady až 3500m2 herních ploch

zázemí, klubovny, šatny, wc


First arena in Moravia offers an unique chance of fun for everyone. In the city centre of Brno u can enjoy a wild shooting on two playgrounds.

Private events or birthday celebrations. Load up, click – Click and the big Nerf fight can begin. For 6 to 30 kids we will arrange a party they will never forget about. We do not have balloons or cakes but we are loaded with Nerf guns and darts.

Do you have a team but nowhere to play? Are you tired of chasing your sister around the couch in the Livingroom? It is the right time to apply for a tournament and try out what there really is in you. You can come with your buddies or just on your own and we will assign you to other players and maybe you together will create the star team!



250 CZK / person per hour


Included in price: Nerf gun, foam darts and safety glasses

It is necessary to make the reservation at least 24 hours ahead.

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